Thame Local History
Place House - Thame's Manor House
Chronicle of Events

April 2002
The Thame Historical Society Research Group's own research at the Oxford Record Office enabled the group to identify the site of Place House, and of Lee's Close. A report was submitted to the County Archaeological Officer recording the location, although as it turned out he was already aware of the location of Place House.

Summer 2002
With speculation in the local press concerning a possible redevelopment of the site of Place House, the Research Group put together a computer-based presentation or slide-show explaining the historical significance of the site.

January 2003
A further report on Place House was sent with a covering letter by the Thame Historical Society Research Group to the Oxfordshire County Archaeological Officer, and also to the members of Thame Town Council, and Thame members of South Oxfordshire District Council.

In a written response, the Oxfordshire County Archaeological Officer confirmed the need in his view for an archaeological field evaluation under the terms of the planning guideline PPG 16 and thanked the Research Group for its work, which he plans to add to the Thame section in the Oxfordshire Sites and Monuments Record.

4th February 2003
The Policy and Resources Committee of Thame Town Council discussed the report, commended Dave Bretherton for his work in producing it, and referred the matter to the full Town Council.

7th February 2003
The Thame Gazette printed a front page article on the cattle market site, and the Historical Society's report. The report pictured Dave Bretherton, holding a copy of the report, at the cattle market site.

Thame Gazette Article
Thame Gazette front page article of 7th Feb 2003

11th February 2003
A meeting of Thame Town Council discussed the report, and expressed support for the idea of an exploratory survey of the grass verge in front of the cattle market site, in advance of any possible future development.

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