Thame Local History
Thame Park Residents in the 1851 Census

The census of 1851 records a total of 36 people living at Thame Park, in the main house, at the farm, in the lodges and in a number of cottages. Places of birth, ages and relationships to the head of each household are listed and are assumed to be accurate.

At Thame Park House, the head of the household was Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham, Baroness Wenman, born in Swalcliffe and then aged 61.

The name of the housekeeper is listed as unknown, although it is recorded that she was 60 years old and born in Shirburn.

The butler was Samual French, 60, born in London and he has an under butler called James Bedding, 30, from Waterstock.

The rest of the main household was made up of Mary Shapley of York, 40, lady's maid, Elizabeth Haines, 30, of Burton and Eliza Richardson, 25, of Askett, house maids, and Charles Acton, 23, footman.

The was a farm within the park itself and the farmer was Richard Malin, born in Towersey and now aged 58. He is described as a 'farmer of 170 acres. Employs 4 labourers'. Also at the farm were his wife Elizabeth, 56, children Edmund, 29, Amelia, 17, Arthur, 15, and Sophia, 13, and John Higgins, 21, and George Crick, 15, both farm servants.

There are three separate households where the head of the house is listed as a lodgekeeper. John Price, 68, born in Thame, lived with his wife Amelia, 67.

Elizabeth Kirtland, 69, also born in Thame, was a widow and lived alone.

Robert Cheney, 69, born in Kingsey, lived with his wife Elizabeth, 71.

There are two households where the head of the house is listed as a gamekeeper. Edward Guntrip, 30, born in Wotton, lived with his wife Susanah, 27, and children Emma, 5, and Hellen, 1.

The second household was made up of James Mumford, 51, from Walton, his wife Lydia, 48, and their children James, 17 and William, 15.

John Patterson, 28, is listed as a gardener, and lived with his wife Ann, 28, and children Ann, 4, and Jessie, 2.

James Witney, 33, born in Tetsworth, lived with his wife Priscilla, 37, from Denton and their son Frederick, 2. James was a carpenter.

The accommodation within the park can be judged to comprise the main house, the farm, three separate living spaces within the lodges, two gamekeeper's cottages, a carpenter's cottage and a gardener's cottage.

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