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Thame Park Residents in the 1861 Census

The census of 1861 records a total of 46 people living at Thame Park, although it fails to record the majority of those living in the main house, and also includes two farms, at Moreton Gap and Moreton Field, which do not appear in later or earlier census returns for the park.

The owner of Thame Park in 1861 was Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham, Baroness Wenman, although she is not listed. The only people listed for 'Thame Park Great House' are Lawrence Gibson, 50, a labourer, Catherine Barber, 35, a housemaid, John Scott, 23, an under gardener and Mary Howse, 20, a scullery maid.

The explanation for this may be that Baroness Wenman and the bulk of her domestic servants were elsewhere on the day of the census.

At Thame Park Farm, the farmer was Richard Malin, 67, and he lived with his wife Elizabeth, 63, son Arthur, 25, born in Thame Park, grandson Richard Poulton, 15 born in Deddington and 14 year old servant George Gardener, from Long Crendon. It seems therefore that the Malins had been at Thame Park Farm since at least 1836.

At Thame Park Lodge, Edward Guntripp, 41, was a gamekeeper, and lived with his wife Susannah, 39, son Fred, 6, and daughters Linda, 9, Fanny, 2 and Helen, 11. All the children were born at Thame Park.

There are 3 cottages listed, with households as follows :

Andrew Brewster, 31, gardener, lived with his wife Jane, 28, and son William, 6 months.

James Witney, 44, carpenter, lived with his wife Pricilla, 48 and son Frederick, 12. There was also a 50 year old visitor, described as a servant, called Mary Hanks.

James Mumford, 59, gamekeeper from Wycombe, lived with his wife Lydia, 60 and servant William Price, 16.

There are 3 lodges listed, with households:

Labourer Thomas Loosley, 38, his wife Ann, 34, and daughter Elizabeth, 5.

Labourer John Taylor, 26, his wife Ann, 21, and sons William, 2, and George, 7 months.

Moreton Gap Farm is listed under Thame Park, and its occupants were labourer Thomas Chaney, born in Thame, wife Elizabeth, born in Chinnor, and children Robert, Sarah, Margaret, Alfred, Rodah and Esther, all born at Moreton Gap.

Moreton Field Farm is also listed, where the farmer was Michael Bond from Southleigh, who lived with his wife Ruth, from Brill, sons Jesse and Fred, both born in Brill, and servants Elizabeth Brizell, dairy maid from Achford, and one Ellis from Tetsworth.

The make-up of Thame Park in the 1861 census is therefore the 'Great House', Thame Park Farm, Thame Park Lodge, a gardener's cottage, a carpenter's cottage, a gamekeeper's cottage, two further lodges, Moreton Gap Farm and Moreton Field Farm.

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