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Thame Park Residents in the 1871 Census

The census of 1871 records a total of 50 people living at Thame Park.

The census took place shortly after the death of Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham, Baroness Wenman, who had lived at Thame Park for many years. The park and house were to become the property of Aubrey Wenman Wykeham of Swalcliffe, later to change his name to Wykeham-Musgrave.

When the census took place, the owner of Thame Park was not in residence. The butler, 70 year old Isaac Radley, from Ashord in Hertfordshire, is listed as the head of the household.

The only other people listed at the main house are Anna Laura Long, a 6 year old visitor, and the servants, Eliza Clarke, aged 48, Anne Dickinson, aged 46, William Bilkin, aged 40 and Anna Witney, aged 23.

At Thame Park Farm, the farmer was Elizabeth Malin, a 27 year old widow living with her 34 year old brother John Bailey, described as a bailiff, and her 4 year old daughter Kate Malin. Elizabeth was presumably the widow of Arthur Malin, whose father Richard Malin was the farmer at Thame Park Farm in 1841. She is described as a farmer of '300 acres occupying 8 men and 2 boys'. Also living at the farm are 17 year old Robert Oliver from Thame and 15 year old Julia Joiner from Worminghall, a domestic servant.

Apart from the main house and the farm, there are 8 other households listed at Thame Park.

Gamekeeper John Guntrip from Westcott, 58, lived with his Irish wife Catherine, 55, daughter Sarah, 8, and sons James, 20, John, 17 and Henry, 14. Going by the ages and place of birth of the children, the Guntrips had arrived at Thame via Thornton, Bucks, Scotland and Emberton, Bucks.

Under gamekeeper Edward Guntrip, 54, from Wootton, lived with wife Susannah, 50, from Tackley, son Mark F, 7, born at Thame, daughter Fanny, 13, also born at Thame, and grand-daughter Ada Field, 2, born in Lambeth, Surrey.

Carpenter James Witney from Tetsworth, aged 50, lived with his 45 year old wife Ann from Diporth in Radnor.

Gardener Andrew Brewster, 41, from Lincolnshire, lived with his wife Jane, 38, son William, 10, and daughters Mary J, 9, Fanny, 7 and Annie, 1.

Under gardener Mark Longhurst, 25, lived alone, probably in the 'bothy'.

Labourer Thomas Loosley, aged 49 from Moreton, lived with his two daughters, 8 year old Ann and 4 year old Alice, both born at Thame Park.

Labourer Thomas Chaney, 40, from Thame, lived with his wife Elizabeth 42, from Chinnor and three sons Alfred, 15, James, 8 and Thomas, 6 and his three daughters Margarett, 10, Mary, 4 and Fanny, 1.

Labourer John Taylor, 37, from Sydenham, lived with his wife Naomi, 31, from Warmston, Bucks, sons William, 11, Henry J, 8 and Arthur G, 2, daughter Sarah Kezia Taylor, 2 and a 58 year old pauper listed as a visitor, John Walton from Warmston, presumably Naomi's father.

The make-up of Thame Park in the 1871 census is therefore the main house, Thame Park Farm, a gardener's cottage, a carpenter's cottage, a gamekeeper's cottage, and 5 other residences.

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