Thame Local History
Thame Park Residents in the 1881 Census

The census of 1881 records a total of 38 people living at Thame Park, in the main house, at the farm, in the lodges and in a number of cottages.

The owner of Thame Park in 1881, W.A. Wykeham-Musgrave, was not at the park on the day of the census.

At Thame Park House, the head of the household was not present. The house was in the charge of the housekeeper, 57 year old spinster Eliza Clarke, born in Rye.

The butler was Thomas Brunton, 47, born in Middleton Tyers.

The rest of the main household was made up of Jane Guy, 30, from Wick Risington, house maid, Emily Bishop, 22, from Coobe, kitchen maid, William Chown, 45, from Sydenham, stableman and Ernest Newbury, 20, from Hertingfordbury, a gardener who lived in the under gardener's 'bothy'.

There was a visitor at the main house on the day of the census, 14 year old Helena E Long from London.

The was a farm within the park itself referred to as Thame Park Farm. The farmer was Benjamin Field, 49, from Thame and he lived at the farm with his wife Elizabeth, 37, who was born at Lubbersdown Hill Farm, children Clara, 8, Elfrida, 6, Fred, 4, and Benjamin, 2, and servant Mary Pocock, 14, from Moreton. Benjamin Field is listed as 'Farmer of 350 acres. 13 men 1 boy'.

At No.1 First Lodge, gamekeeper Edward Guntripp, 63, lived with his wife Susanah, 60, and their children Hellen, 31 and Mark, 17, both born at Thame Park.

No 2 First Lodge is listed as uninhabited.

At No. 1 Second Lodge under gardener Thomas Loosley, 56, from Moreton lived with his wife Ann, 54, children Annie, 20, Alas, 16, and Louie, 12, and grandchildren Rowland Savory, 6, and Rosa Maria Savory, 3.

At No. 2 Second Lodge under gamekeepr John Taylor, 47, of Sydenham lived with his wife Naomi, 41, and children William Peter, 21, Sarah Kezia, 12 and Arthur George, 10.

At the 'house of the master carpenter' James Witney, 60, lives with his wife Anne, 54, from Disserth in North Wales.

At the 'head gardener's cottage' Andrew Brewster, 51, born in Denton, lived with his wife Jane, 48, from Tring and children Mary Jane, 19, Annie, 11 and Sophey, 9. All the childen were born at Thame Park.

At the 'head keeper's cottage', the park and game keeper was Robert Holloway, 33, from Ashwater, Devon, who lived with his wife Emeline, 35, and children Frederick, 8, and Florance Elizabeth, 7. Both children were born in Devon.

The accommodation within the park as listed can be summarized as the main house, the farm, two lodges each with two living spaces, a carpenters cottage, a gardener's cottage and a keeper's cottage.

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