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Thame Park Residents in the 1891 Census

The census of 1891 records a total of 60 people living at Thame Park, of whom 9 belong to the family of the owner.

The owner of the Thame Park in 1891 was Wenman Aubrey Wykeham-Musgrave, lay rector of Thame. He was in residence, along with his family, on the day of the census, and was listed as 53 years old and born in Chinnor.

His family comprised:

Wife Jane, 41, born in Gibraltar.
Son Herbert W, 20, born at Kensington.
Daughter Maude SG, 18, born at Aston Rowant.
Daughter Helen M, aged 16, born at Bournemouth.
Daughter Sybil, 13, born at Aston Rowant.
Son Humphrey P, 7, born at Thame Park.
Daughter Violet L, 4, born at Thame Park.
Son Aubrey G, 2, born at Thame Park.

The other people listed at Thame Park House are the servants, whose individual roles are listed.

Sarah Nurse, 53 from Gilton in Somerset, was the housekeeper.
Charles Williams, 25, from Tarrington in Herefordshire, was the butler.
Georgina Gooch, 25, from Paddington, was the cook.
Anne Madge, 40, from Kingscott in Devonshire, was the nurse.
Francis A Keen, 29, from Barnsley in Gloucestershire, was the coachman.
John B Ashby, 24, from Leeds, was the groom.
Charles F Bleach, 24, from Rye in Sussex was a footman.
John R Dudley, 20, from Hillingdon, was a footman.
Fanny Guntrip, 32, from Thame, was the charwoman.
Eleanor Betts, 22, from Great Milton, Somerset, was the kitchen maid.
Agnes Bevace, 22, from London, was the lady's maid.
Gwen Phillips, 40, from Caernarvonshire, was a house maid.
Annie Beacham, 19, from Attesley, Warwickshire, was a house maid.
Ada Mason, 17, from Moseley, Warwickshire, was a house maid.
Ellen Davis, 20, from Witney, was a nursery maid.
Emmeline Randall, 16, from Frome in Somerset, was a nursery maid.

Apart from Thame Park House, there were 8 other residences on Thame Park.

The 'bothy' housed two single under gardeners, George Jackson, 25, from Keston in Kent and Alfred Saunders, 15, from Chilton in Bucks.

At Thame Park Farm, the farmer was Benjamin Field, 59, from Thame. He lived with his wife Elizabeth, 47, sons Fred, 14 and Benjamin, 12, both born in Thame, and general servant, Mariann Thorpe, 20, from Thame.

There are two residences within each of the two lodges.

At the first lodge 74 year old Edward Guntrip from Wootton, lived with his 72 year old wife Susan, from Tackley.

Also at the first lodge, bricklayer Charles Green from Arncott lived with his wife Emma, 30, from Radstall in Somerset, and their children, born in Thame, Elsie, 6, George, 4 and William, 1.

At the second lodge, gamekeeper John Taylor, 57, lived with his unmarried daughter Sarah, 22, and his niece, Sarah Walton, 15, from Waddesdon.

Also at the second lodge, 68 year old general labourer Thomas Loosley lived with his 62 year old wife Ann, who was a laundress, 32 year old daughter Louisa E, who was also a laundress, 16 year old grandson Rowland F Savory, from Hornsey, a letter body, 12 year old grand-daughter Rosa M Savory, born at Thame Park and, listed as a visitor, Esther M Cherry, 23, a dressmaker.

At the gardener's cottage, Charles E Munday, 34, from East Woodlay in Hampshire lived with wife Susannah, 30, from Bridgenorth in Shropshire and their 8 year old daughter Lilian, born in Shotover.

At the bailiff's cottage, carpenter Alfred Humphries, 37, from Thame, lived with wife Mary L, 36, from Benson, and children Alfred P, 10, Sarah E, 6, Ethel M, 3 and William C, 1, all born in Thame.

At the 'keeper's lodge', gamekeeper Robert Holloway, 43, from Ashwater in Devon, lived with wife Emeline, 45, also from Devon, and daughter Florence E, 17 also from Devon.

The make-up of Thame Park in the 1891 census is therefore the main house, Thame Park Farm, two lodges each with two residences, a keeper's lodge, a gardener's cottage, a bailiff's cottagae and the bothy.

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