Thame Local History
General References

The Cult of Kingship in Anglo-Saxon England
William A. Chaney, published by Manchester University Press.
References to the character of Penda and the coming of Christianity to Mercia; on the mission of Birinus to the Gewisse and on the reluctance of the descendants of Cynegils to accept the Roman ministry.

Anglo Saxon Oxfordshire
John Blair.
Anglo Saxon Oxfordshire by John Blair A comprehensive expert analysis of the cultural and religious changes taking place in Oxfordshire in the early Anglo Saxon period, with several references to Thame.

Domesday Book, Oxfordshire
Published by Phillimore, edited by John Morris.
Also, the VCH, Volume VII for information on the distribution of the demesne and other lands between Thame and the outlying settlements, page 170.

The Rise and Fall of Merry England
The Ritual Year 1400-1700 by Professor Ronald Hutton.
Thame is among a large number of places whose church accounts and other records were analyzed by Professor Hutton. He sums up his various references to Thame with the phrase "that very conservative Oxfordshire market town".

The Barracuda Guide to County History
Oxfordshire by Geoffrey Stevenson, 1977.
A chronological history of Oxfordshire.

A History of Oxfordshire
Mary Jessop, published by Phillimore.

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