Thame Local History
Reformation Dates (1531 - 1559)

1537 Stribblehills complained about Robert Johns' comments on selling church valuables.
John Williams became Sir John Williams. More
1538 Sir John Clerke was pardoned for depopulating and enclosing land at North Weston and New Thame. References
1539 Thame's Cistercian Abbey dissolved. More
Thame Park lands allocated to Sir John Williams.
Sir John Williams acquired Rycote Palace. More
1540 Choir stalls and panelling removed from Thame Park Abbey to St Mary's Church.
King Henry VIII spent part of his honeymoon with his 5th wife Catherine Howard at Rycote Palace.
1541 Robert King, brother-in-law to Sir John Williams, and last Abbot of Thame Park, became Bishop of Thame and Osney. More
1542 King Henry VIII created the bishopric of Oxford with its centre at Osney and Robert King became the first Bishop of Oxford. More
Nicholas Clerke leased North Weston Manor to Sir John Williams, including 2,900 sheep and cattle. References
1543 Churchwardens paid 5s to repair clock in Thame market hall. More
1546 Sir John Williams arranged the surrender of Osney Cathedral and Henry VIII established Christ Church.
Marjorie Williams married Henry Norreys.
1547 Sir John Thynne acquired the prebend of Thame and Prebendal House. More
1549 Local people killed the deer of Sir John Williams in Rycote Park and Thame Park, during 'Oxfordshire outbreak'.
Two ringleaders ordered to 'suffer at Thame'. References
Bell ringing for the dead of the feast of All Saints happened at Thame for the last time. References
1552 Thame Church's altar removed, for the first time. References
1553 Thame's ancient wooden market cross taken down.
1559 Sir John Williams, now Baron Williams of Thame, died at Ludlow. More

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