Thame Local History
Sir John Williams' Petition Concerning the Guild and Chantry of St Christopher

7th August on Patent Roll of 1550

At the petition of the King's servant John Williams, knight, and of the inhabitants of Thame and Rycote, Oxon :

Grant that there shall be in future one priest or chaplain in the parish church of Thame at the appointment of the said Williams, his heirs and assigns, assisting the vicar there and one in the chapel of Rycote, similarly appointed, celebrating and administering sacraments to the inhabitants of Rycote, and there shall be an almshouse with buildings for habitation and sustenance of the poor in Thame.

And because the said Williams says that he, his heirs and assigns, will pay 6. yearly to the said priest in Thame, 6 yearly to the said priest in Rycote and 10 13s 9d yearly to the support of six paupers in the said almshouse:

Now in consideration that the said Williams undertakes that the said yearly amounts and also the annuity of 6, granted to John Younge, late incumbent of the late Chantry of St Christopher in Thame, for life shall be paid, and in consideration of 71 6s 8d paid to the king's own hands in ready money:

Grant to the said Williams of the late chantry or guild of St Christopher in Thame, founded by Richard Quartermaynes, and the lands in the several tenures of Alice Young, Joan Owlefelde, John Isley alias Smythe, Simon Sinkler, Henry Batten, Alexander Pye, Richard Etherige, John Collyns, James Roose, Henry Bonaker, James Roose the elder, Joan Mortymer, Thomas Persey, John Ponde, James Watson, John Ellys, John Lychepole, Thomas Wiknell, Thomas Carmon, Robert Pawle, John Byrteand Thomas Wyckson in Thame and New Thame, Oxon, and in Crendon or elsewhere, Bucks, also the yearly rent of 12d from the tenement of Katherine Horne in New Thame and all other possessions in Oxon and Bucks of the said late chantry; and the two chantries called St Michael's Chaunteries in the chapel of Rycote, Oxon, and the lordship and manor of Little Wilbram, Camb., and all lands in Little and Great Willbram, Camb., and in Tettysworth, Northweston and Assheley and elsewhere, Oxon, late of the said Seint Michaels Chaunteries.

To hold to the said John Williams, knight, his heirs and assigns, of the king as of his manor of Estgrenewiche, Kent, by fealty only in free socage.

Issues of the premises late of St Michael's chantries since the dissolution of these chantries and issues of those of the chantry of St Christopher since Michaelmas last.

Yearly value 14 11s 4d.
This without fine or fee.


"The Quatremains of Oxfordshire" by William F. Carter, published in 1936 by the Oxford University Press.

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