Thame Local History
Early Stuart Period Dates (1604 - 1641)

1605 Sir Richard Wenman suspected of complicity in Gunpowder Plot. References
1623 The grandson of Henry Norreys committed suicide, the manor of Thame passed to his daughter, Emma Wray.
A 'lost inn' of Thame, the Wheele, changed hands. References
Tenants in part of Priestend field ordered to hedge off their land. References
1625 King Charles I visited the Wrays at Rycote Palace.
1626 The Wrays leased the manor of Thame to Vincent Barry (probable date).
1628 Sir Richard Wenman made 1st Viscount Wenman by Charles I. More
1631 The puritan Thomas Hennant became Vicar of Thame.
The puritan William Burt became Headmaster of Thame Grammar School. More

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