Thame Local History
Early 18th Century Dates (1700 - 1759)

1707 House of Correction opened at Thame, for the town's poor. References
1714 James Dorrell of Thame hanged as a Jacobite rebel.
1719 James Figg claimed the title 'Champion of England'. More
1728 Rev Matthew Leeson opened Presbyterian meeting house in Sun Yard.
(circa) The Stone family erected a Georgian frontage for their town house, now the Spread Eagle Hotel.
1734 James Figg died in London. More
1745 The Tudor palace at Rycote was damaged by fire.
The 6th Viscount Wenman added a Palladian frontage to Thame Park House. More
1754 In the General Election, Thame's freeholders supported the Tory candiates.

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