Thame Local History
The George III Period Dates (1760 - 1820)

1760 Death of Philip, sixth Viscount Wenman, who built Thame Park House. More
Death of the third Earl of Abingdon, Willoughby Bertie.
1763 Thame Churchwardens advertised for someone to run a local workhouse.
1766 There were food riots in Thame, over the price of basic food such as bread and cheese. References
Roman Catholic Eleanor Bertie married Philip the seventh and last Viscount Wenman. More
1769 The Swan was purchased from the Earl of Abingdon's estates by Hannah Bennet.
1770 Aylesbury to Shillingford Turnpike opened and went through Thame.
The Earl of Abingdon's Hunt began between Thame and Tetsworth.
1774 Earl of Abingdon won the Jockey Club Plate, with the racehorse Transit.
1778 Earl of Abingdon paid Capability Brown 2,888 for work at Rycote.
John Wesley preached at Thame.
1779 Sale of interior goods at Rycote House.
1785 The Thame to Postcombe road was turnpiked.
Lord Torrington visited Thame and made disparaging comments.
1787 The Battin family began a 137 year association with the Nags Head.
The name Birdcage was first used for the pub formerly the Cage. More
1788 Thame troop of Yeomanry formed, one of the first in the country.
Jesuit Priest Father Bernard Stafford buried in Thame Park chapel. More
1790 Local workhouse opened in Pound Lane, now Wellington Street.
1792 French religious refugees accommodated at Thame.
1793 In popular expressions of opposition to the ideas of Tom Paine, a republican with links to the American and French Revolutions, there was a 'loyalty meeting' held at Thame. References
1796 Thame housed 50 French clergy. They stayed until 1802.
1798 In a great flood, a wagon was swept off the Long Crendon causeway.
1799 The fourth Earl of Abingdon died.
1800 The seventh and last Viscount Wenman died. More
1803 Volunteer corps of three companies formed at Thame, under P.T. Wykeham of Tythrop (for fear of a French invasion).
1806 Napoleonic prisoners accommodated at Thame.
1807 Sale of exterior fabric of Rycote House.
1809 Arthur Young, the agricultural reformer, spoke of 'very depressing poverty' in Thame. References
1811 The sum of 3,686 required through the Poor Rate at Thame.
1818 Rumours of marriage between the Duke of Clarence and Sophia Elizabeth Wykeham of Thame Park. More

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