Thame Local History
Mid 19th Century Dates (1851 - 1870)

1851 Gasworks opened in Wellington Street.
1853 A new Wesleyan Chapel opened in the Upper High Street.
1854 County Police Station opened in Park Street.
1855 Thame Agricultural Society began. Link
1856 Thame Gazette first appeared.
1857 Parliament authorized railway extension to Thame.
1858 Thame Railway Station opened, as a terminus
1861 County Court opened. More
The Star and Garter was first recorded.
The Falcon opened.
1864 Railway extended from Thame to Oxford.
Primitive Methodist Chapel opened in East Street
1865 Thame Baptists rebuilt their chapel.
1867 Local railway taken over by Great Western Railways.
1869 Primitive Methodists opened a new chapel in Moreton

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