Thame Local History
12th Century Dates (1100 - 1199)

1128 First ever Cistercian house in Britain founded at Waverley by Bishop of Winchester.
1137 Robert le Gait founded a Cistercian house at Oddington on Otmoor. more
1138 Thame Park, the Bishop of Lincoln's deer park, was given by him to the Cistercian monks of Otmoor. more
1141 The Bishop of Lincoln's gift of land to the Cistercians was confirmed by the Pope. more
1142 Cistercian monks completed the move to Thame Park. more
1145 The abbey church at Thame Park, Sancta Maria de Parco Thame, was consecrated. more
1146 Bishop Alexander of Lincoln endowed Thame prebend with land.
Thame new town may have been laid out. References
1183 Tuesday market charters granted to Walter de Coutances by King Henry II (also 1184, 1185 and 1186).
1185 Lincoln Cathedral hit by an earthquake.

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