Thame Local History
13th Century Dates (1200 - 1299)

1213 Bishop Hugh de Welles of Lincoln regained full temporal control of Thame manor.
1215 King John granted market charter for Thame to Bishop Hugh de Welles.
1219 King Henry III granted Bishop Hugh de Welles the right to divert the King's highway through Thame market-place.
Bishop Hugh de Welles granted timber for the construction of a Court House near what is now Church Row.
1224 The Abbot of Thame Park was exempted from export duty on wool by King Henry III. More
1227 Thame market charter confirmed by King Henry III.
1232 New choir stalls paid for at Thame Park Abbey by King Henry III. More
1234 List of duties of Thame Prebendal monks began. More
1236 More timber supplied to Thame Park Abbey by King Henry III. More
1240 Construction began on Thame's St Mary's Church.
1241 Chapel within the grounds of Thame Prebendal House rebuilt. More
Bishop Robert Grosseteste in dispute with King Henry III over the granting of the prebend of Thame.
1255 Geoffrey Taylor and others rented shops in the middle of Thame marketplace from the Bishop of Lincoln.
1264 Lord Edward, the future King Edward I, visited Thame.
1281 Rewley Abbey in Oxford founded as daughter house of Thame Park Abbey.
1293 Thame Church attacked and occupied by 200 men in another dispute over Thame prebend. References
1294 Thame and Banbury bailiffs and others blockaded Thame and dug dykes across the roads into the town. References

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