Thame Local History
14th Century Dates (1300 - 1399)

1302 Haddenham market suppressed in favour of Thame market.
1309 Money granted to repair the Crendon Bridge.
1311 Thomas Elys of Thame and North Weston sold his farm and stock for 104 5s. References
1315 Likely felling date for timbers used to build the Saracens Head. More
1316 Robert Elys, wool merchant of Thame, lost a cargo at Calais.
1317 Thame to Sydenham road enclosed within Thame Park.
1329 King Edward III confirmed Thame market charter.
1335 Crendon Bridge collapsed.
1340 Richard Elys became Vicar of Thame, one of the few local men to do so.
1345 Edward le Spicer began to construct a causeway between Thame and Rycote.
1348 Start of the Black Death.
1365 King Edward III visited Thame.
1377 Poll tax paid by 325 people in New Thame, 211 in Priestend and Old Thame, and 69 at Moreton.
1399 Edmund of York, Guardian of England, visited Thame.

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