Thame Local History
Early 16th Century Dates (1500 - 1530)

1500 John Williams was born. More
1501 Robin Hood games ended at Thame. References
1509 Bishop of Lincoln's demesne manor at New Thame was farmed to Geoffrey Dormer. References
The market or moot hall at Thame was first mentioned. More
Archbishop Neville gave the farm at Moreton to Balliol College during plagues. References
1512 Young King Henry VIII passed through Thame, to ringing of the church bells.
1520 Rycote Palace built (speculative date).
1521 Rycote estate sold to Sir John Heron.
1525 The Bishop of Lincoln complained about the state of Thame Park. More
1526 John Williams was on the list of Servants of Cardinal Wolsey at Hampton Court . More
1529 Robert King, brother of the brother-in-law to John Williams, appointed Abbot of Thame Park. More
'The Cage' recorded as the property of the Guild of St Christopher. More
1530 Henry VIII visited Thame and was entertained at the Red Lion.

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