Thame Local History
Place House - Thame's Manor House

Place House was the medieval manor house of Old Thame, and it stood on the site of what is today Thame's cattle market.

It was the Thame residence of the Dormer family, and before that it was known as the Baldington Manor House.

The History of Place House

What happened to Place House?

A 1705 inventory of Place House

In the year 2002 the significance of Place House took on new meaning, when it became clear that there was a possibility that the town's cattle market site, the site of Place House, may be redeveloped.

What are the implications of the historical nature of the site?

There is the possibility of archaeology at the site of Place House which could reveal some of the most important secrets of Thame's history ever unearthed by pure archaeology.

Why is archaeology so important at Place House?

The story of Place House and the issue of development and archaeology will be chronicled here, as it unfolds.

The latest news

If anyone has any questions or comments about Place House (not related to the planning process) then please email us here.

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