Thame Local History

  • Maps of Thame     Old Maps of Thame
  • Inns of Thame     Thame's many and varied pubs and inns
  • The Thame Hoard     The fabulous coins and rings found at Thame in 1940.
  • Bull Baiting and Cock Fighting     The ancient practices of bull baiting and cock fighting in Thame.
  • The Thame Town Emblem     The emblem of Thame Town Council.
  • Elizabeth at Rycote     The association between Queen Elizabeth I and Rycote
  • The Guild and Chantry of St Christopher     The Guild and Chantry of St Christopher at Thame founded by Richard Quartermain
  • The History of Thame Prebend     The history of Thame's prebend, its attachement to the Cathedral of Lincoln.
  • The History of Thame Rectory     The story of Thame's rectory after the Reformation, and of the advowson.
  • The Thame Prebendaries     The full list of the prebendaries of Thame, holders of the Thame prebend.
  • The Vicars of Thame     The full list of the vicars of Thame, as far as is known.
  • Timber Frame Buildings     The different types of timber frame building and examples at Thame.
  • The Quartermains and Domesday     The links between the Quartermain family of North Weston and the Domesday Book.
  • Thame and the Norman Conquest     The story of how the Norman Conquest affected Thame.
  • Thame's Name     Where does the name 'Thame' come from?

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