Thame Local History

Local Places
  • Thame Park     Thame Park and House
  • The Old Grammar School     Thame's 16th Century Grammar School
  • The Almshouses     Thame's almshouses
  • The Prebendal House     The History of Thame's Prebendal House and Chapel
  • The Court House     Thame's Court House and Magistrates Court
  • The Bird Cage     The Bird Cage in the Buttermarket
  • The Saracens Head     The (former) Saracens Head in the Buttermarket
  • The Market Halls     Thame's various market or moot halls

  • Local Villages
  • Moreton    
  • Tetsworth    
  • Sydenham    
  • Milton Common    

  • Historical Local Villages Now Gone
  • Rycote    
  • North Weston    
  • Albury    

  • Lost Manor Houses
  • Rycote Palace    

  • Historical Place Names Explained
  • Priestend    
  • Baldington    

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