Thame Local History
Thame Census Returns

The first detailed national census, for which individual people's names and addresses have been kept, was taken in 1841.

There was a census every ten years thereafter, and so on, up until the latest in 2001.

There is a one hundred year embargo on detailed personal information contained in a census return, so the census returns available for local historians are from the years 1841 to 1891, with the 1901 returns due for release at the start of 2002.

Street names have often changed in Thame since 1841, and the street numbers that we have today did not come into existence until the 1881 census.

As well as transcribing the census returns and inputting the data into the Thame History Database, the Research Group is also working on an interpretation of the census returns that will allow us to link all entries together and tie them into a known set of residential plots.

Given the sometimes error prone and haphazard work of the census enumerators over the fifty year period in question, this is by no means a clear cut exercise.

If you would like to help with transcribing the 1901 census, please contact us at

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