Thame Local History
Property Deeds

Property deeds have proved to be a most valuable source of data, both with regard to individuals and their families and also concerning the property and land that was held.

Thame Documents
Sample documents relating to Thame

With the advent of National Land Registry many of these property deeds have become obsolete in legal terms and have been destroyed over the more recent years often by solicitors who have needed the space that they took up. However they are a vital part of the history of the people of our town and we believe they should be preserved.

The Thame Historical Society is supporting the campaign to maintain these property deeds and will be pleased to offer advise to anyone who encounters any old deeds of Thame.

But don't think that we concentrate solely on property deeds. We welcome any documentary information about the people of Thame and if suitable we will add this to our database.

Documents can be transcribed or copied without any detriment and are then returned to their owner intact and in their same condition.

Anyone with old documents relating to Thame can contact us at

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