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29th January 2004
Great news! Thame is to get a museum. The former Magistrates' Court Building has been acquired by Thame Town Council for convertion to a museum, and a museum trust is being set up. Click here for the latest news.

Thame Historical Society talks for 2004 are now listed here.

There is an interesting new article in the section on Thame Park, here , concerning Maria Fitzherbert, one time wife of King George IV.

31st January 2003
Thame Historical Society talks for 2003 are now listed here.

Following the kind donation of a number of images of old maps of Thame, it is now possible to see maps of Thame dating from 1574 on this website here.

The Places menu had been extended to include local villages, such as Tetsworth, historical local villages now gone, such as North Weston, lost manor houses, such as Rycote Palace, and an explanation of some historical names, such as New Thame and Old Thame.

The new page on Place House (site of the cattle market) is particularly topical.

The Topics menu had been extended to include pages on the history of the Thame prebend, the history of the Thame Rectory and Advowson, as well as a full list of the Thame Prebendaries and a list of the Vicars of Thame.

The page of the Prebendal has been improved.

5th July 2002
A page on Richard Quartermain has been added under the People of Thame section. Go

Associated with Richard Quartermain, a page on the Guild and Chantry of St Christopher has been added under the Topics section. Go

Still with the Quartermain family, an article in the English Historical Review has inspired a page on the Quartermain family and the Domesday Book, to be found in the Topics section, Go,
and also a further page on Thame and the Norman Conquest. Go

A page on the links between Thame Park and Roman Catholicism in the centuries after the Reformation has been added to the collection of pages on Thame Park. Go

16th December 2001
The Thame Historical Society talks for 2002 have been posted. Go

An extra page has been added to the article on the Thame Hoard, giving the McKenzie family story, as described by Thame Historical Society member, Janet Eaton. Go

An article on the practice of bull baiting and cock fighting in Thame has been added. Feedback on this article would be most welcome. Go

2nd November 2001
A fascinating revelation about the sale of part of Sir Isaac Newton's library of books at Thame Park in 1919 has been added. Go

A new page called 'Can You help?' has been added to the main contents page, containing requests for help in local research. Go

A link to the Channel4 Time Team website covering the episode filmed at Rycote Park has been added. Go

This website was launched at the end of August 2001. It will continue to be developed by Thame Historical Society Research Group.

The lists of people, places, and topics will be expanded as more articles are written.

Any form of feedback, however small, will be greatly appreciated from wherever it comes.

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